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The American Economic Forum

Unprecedented inflation, a decreasing workforce, Big Tech, woke capital, a rising China, and a dwindling middle class—are just some of the factors causing many Americans to ask “will my children have the same opportunities I had?”

Conservatives understand the dangers of socialism and the importance of free markets.

But there is a rising chorus calling for alternative approaches to the economy.

ISI invites you to our 2022 American Economic Forum to hear leading conservative politicians, intellectuals, and thought leaders debate the best path forward. What’s the best way for conservatives in 2022 to apply fundamental economic principles to our current crisis? There are no easy answers. Join us July 29-30 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. to wrestle with this pivotal question.

For a limited time, students register for free. And if you’re under 30, weekend tickets are only $50.

Please note: only the first 100 student registrants in the doors will be able to get dinner Friday night and Saturday night. 

“Out of all the classes and extracurriculars I did in college, ISI has without doubt been the single most formative experience.”
- Will Long, Harvard Class of 2019
“ISI fosters the learning environment that many of the best universities have failed to preserve.”
- Isabella Heshmatpour, Barnard College
“ISI has given me opportunities I never dreamed of while providing me with an intellectual experience like no other.”
- Maria Biery, University of Pennsylvania alumna
“I’m grateful for the instruction I received at Harvard, but my education would not have been complete without ISI.”
- James Holt, Harvard alumnus
“The rich conversations at ISI conferences made me realize why I went to university.”
- Emily Rose Mitchell, Rhodes College

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